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We Empower Children and Youth to Realize Their Full Potential!

We run residential facilities and schools, providing continuous support to assist these vulnerable youngsters. We also operate always-open helpline centers, ready to serve when needed.

What we care of

urban farming

Urban farming

DANA aims at establishing and training a DANA club in each of the schools where DANA. Teaching children to establish and maintain a vegetable gardens, growing the various types of vegetables, making and using organic manure, pesticides and seed saving. Children in schools are skilled as well as enhanced their nutrition too through having vegetables supplements to their meals.

With over 70% of Ugandans being employed in the agricultural sector, farming should be part and partial of the skills imparted to children right from a tender
age. Teaching children to grow their own food not only ensures sustainable skills transfer but enhance their nutrition too. This has been transferred to communities most especially with limited land.

Clean water and environment

Children have a right to a clean environment. They however should be taught to take the responsibility too to clean their own environment so that they can fully enjoy the right to a clean environment. Children are more vulnerable to the effects of a dirty environment, but on the other hand have enormous potential to cause and trigger change in their communities.

DANA supports schools and communities to participate and have a clean environment. Through this program we provide items required in cleaning such as dust bins to schools, blooms and wheel barrows.

DANA further engages children to ensure use of clean and safe water. Through this program, pupils and communities are sensitized on the importance of using clean and safe water, not only for individuals but for everyone in their communities. Water tanks and accessories for rain water harvesting are provided to enable access to safe and clean water and to pupils to reduce the countless hours they spend in fetching water.

Clean Water & Environment
Sanitation and hygiene

Sanitation and hygiene

Ensuring proper sanitation in schools and communities is one of the key priorities for DANA. Through the sanitation and hygiene program, pupils in schools and communities are taught the importance of proper sanitation and maintaining good sanitation facilities.

Diseases such as Diarrhoea, Cholera, COVID-19, Ebola are said to be partly caused by poor sanitation and hygiene. Therefore, through trainings on sanitation and hygiene, capacity of children and communities (Slums) is built to keep safe through promoting sanitation and personal hygiene.

Menstrual Hygiene and HIV/AIDS Prevention

Menstrual cycle is a challenge to many school going children and when not handled appropriately it may affect the girl child education since majority drop out of school.

Basic information to the young girls in schools about menstruation hygiene and HIV/AIDs prevention are provided.

Menstrual Hygiene and HIVAIDS Prevention
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