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Mission: DANA’s goal is to change society in order to reach an improved standard of living through health initiatives.

Let us support the young generation for a better tomorrow

Urban farming

We aims to foster urban farming clubs in schools, not only enhancing children’s skills but also their nutrition through vegetable supplements to their meals.

Clean water and environment

We promotes children’s right to a clean environment by educating them about their responsibility to maintain cleanliness, and by providing cleaning tools and rainwater harvesting facilities.

Sanitation and hygien

We prioritize teaching proper sanitation in schools and communities, focusing on the vital role of maintaining quality sanitation facilities in preventing diseases linked to poor hygiene and cleanliness.

Menstrual Hygiene and HIV/AIDS Prevention

We provides basic information to young girls in schools about menstrual hygiene and HIV/AIDS prevention to combat education interruption due to these challenges.

Our numbers
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We have numbers that push us to give in our best and make sure that we break our own records. We are happy to be growing and helping more day by day.


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Children have the right to live a healthy life in a safe and healthy environment. We want to open people’s minds to a clean environment and show how important this is for the human well being. Children are curious and that’s why DANA thinks the best way is through environmental/healthl education.

There is lots of research today showing that millions of children die in environment related diseases. This is an global public health problem. We will provide children and students a good foundation to build on so that they can influence their future and their opportunities for further development.

We do this through a program that includes activities that will give the children desire to discover their own creativity and to feel they have learnt important knowledge. This changes attitudes and develop the society they live in.