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Who we are

We are a collective of change-makers, firmly believing that every act of assistance can uplift a child in Uganda and pave the way for a brighter future. United in this mission, we strive to provide the support and resources necessary for each child to flourish.

Developing A New Africa (DANA) is a Non-profit, Organization, working with and through the children to transform communities. DANA was founded by Ms. Gordana Dana Simovic, living in Sweden.

DANA aims at building the capacity of school going children and vulnerable communities for a healthy environment. For the last over 10 years DANA has been implementing projects in schools around Kampala; in Uganda. DANA is working to increase awareness of environment and health among children and communities through Hygien & Sanitation, Clean environment & Water and Urban Farming.

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Our approach

Our Mission
Our mission is to ensure that all children and young people in Uganda receive the support they need when they need it, regardless of the nature of their need.

Be it a comforting conversation, financial assistance, education, vocational training, or simply reassurance that they are not alone, we are committed to providing swift, accessible support that meets each individual’s unique circumstances.

Our Vision
We aim to cultivate a future in which no child or youth in Uganda feels isolated, and where each receives the help they need promptly.

Our dedicated team envisions a world where every young individual, regardless of their struggles, feels capable of reaching out and has access to a network of supportive individuals to assist them with education, employment, and more. We aspire to extend our reach across Uganda, making our resources accessible to all.

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