DANA – about the founder DANA was founded by Ms Gordana (Dana) Simovic, born in Croatia and raised in Sweden where she still lives. She was the co-founder of Pearl of Africa Environment (PAE) between 2011 and 2015. In 2015 she decided to move on with the DANA organization, focusing on developing the knowledge of the children in Kampala schools in Uganda. On one of her first travels to Africa, she sat on a bus through the beautiful countryside of Uganda when a another passenger threw her empty water bottle through the open window. Dana was shocked and asked the lady how she could do that –polluting her own environment! Having grown up in Sweden, she was taught to keep her environment clean and preserve the precious nature. The other lady did not understand what Dana was so upset about; just a plastic bottle. This simple event triggered the thought of how she herself could contribute to more awareness about the importance of a clean environment and led to the foundation of what is now DANA. As a mother of three children and a proud grandmother, she knows that you can influence and inspire children to do the right thing. She knows that children are the future change agents; they are curious, eager to learn and have an open mind. With her life experience of more than 50 years, she also knows how to get things done and achieve tangible results. DANA aims to bring about change through education of children about the importance of growing up in a clean and healthy environment. DANA wishes to contribute to the reduction of health problems caused by a polluted environment and to teach children to take responsibility of their environment from an early age. To achieve this, DANA works onsite schools, involving children and teachers with practical projects and methods that creative and active and therefore have sustainable impact. It is all about: “Let us educate the young generation today for a better tomorrow!”